23rd August 2012

Fired-up for God


We're back from Newday... and it didn't rain! On top of that bombshell, we had loads of fun and we're seriously excited about all that God has been doing in the lives of our young people!

46 of our young people and 14 leaders (not to mention our own Chris Johnson taking official photos for the event and Natalie Williams who lead an inspiring seminar on Jesus and the poor) joined with around 7,000 other young people from around the UK (and indeed the world) to worship Jesus and learn more about what it means to live for the King.

There were Spirit-filled times of worship in the Big Top, life-changing preaches and seminars that answered tough questions and encouraged our young people to grow in God and follow their calling. We saw healings and many lives given to Jesus.

There were also cafes, gigs, movies, a Pink Bar with nail polish and multi-coloured hair extensions and a Gents area with a nerf arena. On two days our young people went out into Norwich to serve people in the community by cleaning, gardening and painting fences. One brave team even went door-knocking to share the gospel. There were also plenty of times back on camp to play, and in the heat this meant epic water fights!

The team served our young people amazingly, always ready to be silly or listen and pray at the right time and the cooking team served up "better food than I get at home!" according to the very cheeky Simon Dipple.

Here are a few things the young people have said about the week:

"I met with God and got to know him more."

"I've made loads of friends."

"I got the gift of prophecy!"

"I found out what God is calling me to be and felt that He has equipped me to be able to do that thing."

Some of our young people will be sharing testimonies on Sunday, but too much happened at Newday to share in a few words so why not ask some of the youth when you see them what they enjoyed about Newday?

It's easy to get fired-up for God at Newday surrounded by other teenagers worshipping God in His powerful presence twice a day! The challenge is to keep running and we value your prayers for our young people as they return to school or college in September; that they keep growing in God and that they would hold on to God as he holds on to them.

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