22nd July 2015

Lifting the lid on kids' work

If you're with us on a Sunday morning, you may sometimes hear a roar of excitement or the sound of cheering from the adjacent rooms. But apart from seeing children running around afterwards with memory verses and handmade crafts, how much do you know about what goes on in our dynamic kids' work?

A lot of what happens in kids' work echoes our Sunday meetings – but for a few stylistic differences! Recently, in line with our Acts of Courage preach series, both of our primary school age groups have been following the Early Church's journey through Acts. In NRG, our 4-7s group, children have been learning about the Holy Spirit, and the 8-11s in N:gage have been looking at the book of Acts.

We have nearly 70 kids across the two older groups – not forgetting Totz for 0-4s, which is growing steadily due to our midweek Totz Klub, which is open to all parents and toddlers from Hastings & St Leonards. Because of this, the kids' work team are always looking for new and creative ways to present the gospel in a way that our children can really learn from.

There are events held by our kids' groups throughout the year, with our most recent Prayground held on Sunday 19 July. A prayground, held at the end of each series, is an opportunity to go between different stations, praying for different things that the groups have been teaching. On Sunday for example, both NRG and N:gage met together and prayed for healing and receiving the Holy Spirit. Our previous Praygrounds have been a great success – you can read about them here.

And, as the end of the school year approaches, many of our children at King's will be moving on to the next group. After all, getting older is all part of the journey! At the moment, we're pleased to have several seven-year-olds moving from NRG to N:gage, and around seventeen 11-year-olds who will be moving from N:gage to our younger youth group, Soul, in September.

We want to make the transition as easy and exciting as possible, so we're encouraging our 11-year-olds to come to youth meetings on Friday nights and to get to know some new faces. And for those that are moving from NRG to N:gage, we have plenty of brilliant events lined up.

These include our spectacular Wet & Wild celebration that will be taking place this Sunday. This is our end-of-year kids' party that does exactly what it says on the tin! We love a bit of fun with games and water balloons, so this is simply a morning of high-energy games to get everyone together and have fun.

Andrew Bunt, who leads our N:gage team, commented on our groups: "We've had a great year in NRG and N:gage. We love learning about Jesus week by week and we're looking forward to continuing next year. We always want to see our children responding to Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit."

If you'd like to join one of the teams that make our brilliant kids' work happen on Sundays, please email:

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