20th May 2015

Transforming lives for good

If you're passionate about helping children who are struggling in education, TLG is a Christian charity that may be of interest to you. It was set up precisely to help children facing crises in their education, and there may be an opportunity for you to get involved with their work, either directly helping children or praying for those who do.

The charity's vision is 'transforming lives for good' and it aims to do this by coming alongside children who are at risk of, or have already been, excluded from school.

There are a number of reasons why children might be facing difficulties or exclusion at school: bullying, family illness or bereavement, for example. Many of these are beyond a child's control and can prevent them from succeeding in their education.

TLG provides life coaching for individual children in local schools for at least one hour every week, ensuring that they get the practical and emotional help that they need. Behavioural coaches are trained volunteers from local churches who work alongside children; each volunteer is committed to at least one academic year in their school, and aims to spend time building relationships between the children and their parents or carers to ensure that each child receives plenty of lasting support.

A small number of people at King's are exploring the possibility of linking with TLG. If you're interested in the charity's work and have a similar heart to see children getting the best out of their education, there will be a prayer meeting on Monday 8 June at 7.30pm in the Maple Room. This will be a great opportunity to hear more about the charity and seek God together about what He might have for us in this area. All welcome.

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