7th May 2015

Acts of Courage

Why are there huge blackboards in Coffee Box? Why are there post-it notes along the walls? And what do these have to do with church? Here's everything you need to know about our new preach series, Acts of Courage, and why it's creating such a stir.

We read in the book of Acts that the Early Church displayed tremendous courage in the face of ridicule, persecution and threats, and as we study this together we don't just want to be passive listeners, thinking 'that was nice'. We want to be do-ers, taking hold of the truth that we hear about and applying it to our own lives and the lives of others. We want to be a people that grows in our own acts of courage, just as the first followers of Jesus did.

You don't have to raise the dead -- although that would be amazing! Instead, throughout this series we want to help each other to take courage in even the most ordinary situations, whether it's talking to a friend or colleague about your faith, giving money to the homeless, standing up for someone, praying for healing or serving at church. Our own acts of courage can happen at any time, anywhere, whether we're at work, at school or at home, so be ready!

We're passionate to see the whole church family grow in courage, and this is where we need you. Each Sunday, we'd love you to write out your own acts of courage on the post-it notes and put them up on the boards so that we can share and, quite literally, encourage each other. We want to see the whole wall filled and we're so excited to hear the stories of what happens when we step out in courage.

Below is a short video accompanying the series. We're going to start to step out and we'd love for you to start thinking and praying about the acts of courage you can do this week! When we realise that the same Spirit that was with the disciples now lives inside us, we will have confidence to step into greater boldness in everyday life.


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