19th December 2014

Deepening our roots [video]

1 Samuel 30:1 says that David "strengthened himself in God", and on the back of this we're looking forward to starting our new preach series, running on alternate Sundays in January and February.

This is going to be a great opportunity to look at what God has already done for us and what responsibilities we have as a result of the great salvation He has given us. We'll be looking at how to steward our hearts well, and ultimately learn how to go deeper into God so that we can effectively reach our communities with the love of Christ.

The series will run on Sunday 4 & 18 January and 1 & 15 February. We will provide a blog and life application questions with each preach in the series, as we usually do, but in addition to these we will be running discipleship groups. These will take place in the weeks directly following each sermon, at the Hastings Centre at 12.30pm-1.30pm on Tuesday lunchtimes and 6am-7am on Friday mornings. (Our hope is that one of these times will work for you.)

The aim of the discipleship groups is that we will deepen our roots in God and embed into our daily lives all that we hear on the Sunday mornings. We encourage as many of you that can make it to join us for one of the groups in the week, as well as seeking God outside of these meetings to make the most of the teaching over this series. Please feel free to come in groups of 5-6, or to come along as an individual and join with others when you arrive.

The first Tuesday discipleship group takes place on 6 January; the first Friday morning group takes place on 9 January.

You can find out more about the series and why we're running it by watching the video below...

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