30th September 2014

Found in news!

For anyone passing by on Saturday night, the sound of music emanating from Coffee Box would hardly have done justice to the atmosphere of almost 200 people worshipping together at the launch of our long-awaited debut album, Found in You.

The album is the culmination of 18 months of collaboration between talented musicians, technicians and producers from within the church. The finished product was launched at the weekend with an evening celebrating what God has done for us, particularly over the last few months, but also over the years that King's has been established, with our 40th birthday and a visit from New Ground leader Dave Holden on the same weekend.

We had visitors from all over staying with us for the exciting series of events, including some friends from the Impacters’ first week of training, and even friends from Bulgaria, who said they felt very welcome and loved the atmosphere here at King’s.

The worship team led us in a set of well-known favourites interspersed with tracks from the album, so that those both familiar and new could be involved with a time of deep intimacy with God. From the upbeat 'Mercies New' to the nuanced key-changes of 'Refine', the musical anointing over these songs was evident to all throughout the evening.

The origin of the title track, 'Found in You', was explored in a video-prelude to the second half of the evening, after a break at the bar, not to mention the rush to buy one of the newly-arrived CDs.

Aled Cousins, who heads up the worship team, said: “The evening went really well. It wasn't planned as a performance; instead we had the opportunity to come before a holy and faithful God, and just give him everything.”

Before the launch, Simon Brading, who leads worship at the youth event Newday and at CCK Brighton, described the album as featuring “songs of depth, honesty and intimacy set to beautiful melodies and stunning vocals”. He added: “This album has been fresh air to my soul and helped me to enjoy Christ all the more.”

If you missed out on Saturday night, don't worry! CDs are on sale from the church office during the week and Resources on Sundays now, so make sure you come and get yours, and experience God's presence powerfully and intimately as you worship along.

The stories behind some of the songs are featured in the video below:

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