22nd May 2016

Children’s Groups: An Overview

So what are our children’s groups really like. Here’s a quick overview of each one.

Tuesday Totz (0-4s and parents)
Tuesday Totz is our parent and toddler group. Every week we have around 100 children aged 0-4 and around 70 parents and carers who enjoy a few hours of fun in the main hall at The Hastings Centre. The time starts with free play where toddlers and parents can make use of lots of different toys which are available and can take part in different activities run by the team. There is then a break for some snacks, after which they enjoy a Bible story and a few songs.

Tuesday Totz meet on Tuesday mornings during term time. You can choose how often you’d like to serve. At the beginning of each term you will be asked which dates you would like to come along for.

Our Sunday volunteers serve either once or twice every four weeks. Where at all possible we ask volunteers to arrive at around 9am to give us time to setup, talk through the morning and pray. We clear up as soon as the session finishes and are always done before 12pm.

Sunday Totz (0-4s)
Sunday Totz serves our 0-4s on Sunday mornings. They have time for free play, a Bible story, worship songs and a craft activity.

Totz need people who can sit in the book corner and read stories to the children, people who like to do craft and art, people who can prepare drinks and biscuits for snack time, people who love to look after babies and people who love the challenge of some energetic toddlers!

NRG (4-7s) and N:Gage (7-11s)
NRG and N:Gage are our groups for primary school aged children. They usually meet separately, but often do similar activities. Each week they enjoy some games and worship. They have a story from the Bible and some lessons which draw things out of the story. They then have group time where they’ll use craft, puzzles or team challenges to reinforce what they’ve learnt.

We need people who would like to work with a small group of children, people who can lead worship, tell stories, do mini-lessons and lead games from the front, people good with PA and AV equipment, creative people, actors, musicians and people who make exceptionally good orange squash!

Fusion (1:1 Additional Support)
The Fusion team work within our Sunday children’s groups to support children with additional needs and those who might otherwise find it difficult to take part in our activities. They work one-to-one or one-to-two with the children. Sometimes this involves staying with the children as they partake in the group activities, while at other times it will involve doing a quiet activity away from the big groups when a child needs some space and quiet.

So, which of the groups most suits you? Head over the signup form and let us know. We’d love to welcome you on to one of our teams!

Andrew Bunt

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16th May 2016

Three reasons you should consider serving in our children’s groups

At King’s we serve around 70 children every Sunday morning and a further 100 pre-schoolers at Tuesday Totz every week during school term time. There are so many good reasons to come and join us in one of our children’s group teams, but here are the top three.

1. You get to play a part in raising up the next generation.
Our children’s groups are hugely significant. They’re not just a babysitting serving to allow parents to listen to the preach undisturbed or something for parents and toddlers to do on a Tuesday morning, they’re an opportunity to share the good news about Jesus and lay vital foundations in the lives of over 100 children every week.

Our children are the future community group leaders, preachers, evangelists, elders, teachers, nurses, doctors, politicians, business people, bus drivers, shop assistants, carers for Hastings and beyond. They will be the ones building the Church and taking the Kingdom of God out into the world in the decades to come.

Three or four hours of our time once or twice a month could bear fruit that changes the lives of individuals, families and communities and which will last for eternity! It you ever feel you’re lacking purpose in life – come and invest in our children; every moment is purposeful!

2. You get to grow in the gifts God has given you and you get to try out new things.
Running our children’s groups requires a big team with lots of different roles. Whatever God has gifted you to be good at and whatever you enjoy doing, there will be a role on the team which will work for you.

We need people who love to stand in front of big groups of children and people who prefer to work with an individual or a small group. We need people who love worshipping and helping others to worship, alongside people who are good with technology and can work PA and AV equipment. We need people who love telling stories and people who love to explain things. We need people who love to have lots of fun and play games, as well as people who can support an individual child who finds it difficult to take part.

Whatever gifts God has given you, they’ll be a role for you in our children’s groups.

3. You get to have a lot of fun!
We have a three-part mission in our children’s group and the final part – which we take very seriously! – is to have fun. Ask any of our children’s group volunteers and they’ll tell you that every week we have loads of fun.

Serving in our children’s groups can be a great way of having a few hours in the week where you can switch off, let your hair down and become like a child again. Some might be working that this means you’ll be forced to dance in front of a room of people or that you’ll get covered in shaving foam, but you’ll never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. We work as a team with different roles so we can find what you enjoy doing and help you do it to the best of your abilities.

How can I get involved?
Sound like a great opportunity? Why not come and join us for one or two Sunday mornings and month or at Tuesday Totz. Let us know you’re interested and we’ll get in touch with everything you need to know. You can register your interest online by clicking here.

Andrew Bunt

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1st April 2016

Signup Now!

If you're interested in signing up to serve in one of our children's groups, it couldn't be easier.

All you need to do is to complete the online signup form here. In a few day's time you'll receive an email from the safeguarding team who will tell you what you need to do in order to apply for the DBS check which all our under-18s volunteers must complete. The leader of the team you are interested in will also soon contact you with more information.

You can find the signup from here.

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