25th October 2015

From orphan to heir: unstoppable love

Orphan to heir: living in unstoppable love Without knowing who we are and whose we are, we wander around looking for purpose. Purpose flows from identity and intimacy, which we have looked at over the last two weeks. What is your purpose here on planet Earth?

Those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour have become children of God and co-heirs with Christ. There is nothing that can be done to separate us from the love of God. We are one with Jesus – everything that is true of Jesus is now true of you!

What does it look like to be like Jesus? Firstly, when we look at Jesus we see that He knows that the Father is always doing things – He is active. Jesus was not only aware of the Father’s love for Him, but He was also completely secure in it. It meant He didn’t need to please people.

Jesus was also aware of His Father’s love for others too. He lived from that foundation of love. There’s a quote that says, “Love is the best thing you have to give.” It’s true – when you love others, it brings the best out of them.

Our purpose is to live from the Father’s love – His unstoppable love. What it means to be heirs is that we take the presence and goodness of God whenever we go and we can distribute it to others.

When we know it’s all about love, there’s no more striving. We don’t have to go to much effort to be like our parents – whether we want to or not, there are ways in which we will look like them and imitate them in terms of mannerisms and behaviour. As Christians, we are called to look like our older brother Jesus and our Father in heaven. We can copy their ways. God’s heart becomes my heart; the Father’s way becomes my way.

As we stay in deep connection with Him, we increasingly reflect Him to those around us. His love increasingly flows through us. We go about the Father’s business. What does this look like?

Take a look at Luke 4:16-22 – we’re not just meant to preach good news but we are to be good news! What does this mean? God has shown me goodness, so I am going to be good to you. God hasn’t judged me, so I won’t judge you. God has given me love, grace and mercy, so I am going to give you love, grace and mercy.

Wherever we go, whomever we’re with, we can have this mentality: Father, what are you doing? Who do you want to bless? Please show me where you’re working and who you want me to love. You’ve got the King of heaven within you, so wherever you go He goes! You can change the atmosphere of wherever you go tomorrow.

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1st February 2014

Possessed by love

Check out what happens when we get possessed by the love of God!

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3rd June 2012

'Smile... You're on CCTV!'

After encouraging Timothy about training for godliness, the apostle Paul moves on to the subject of how we reflect that godliness to those around us. Paul is pointing out to Timothy that his lifestyle must match up to his words – when Timothy sets an example in action, his words will be validated; but when his life doesn't match up, he becomes a hypocrite and so his words will be undermined.

When God's Church is reflecting His heart, it is beautiful; but when it is plagued with hypocrisy and individuals in the Church are saying one thing but living differently, it is failing to reflect the brilliantness of Jesus. We are called to be different in word and deed, being what Jesus called "salt and light" to a lost and broken world.

The apostle mentions five areas where we are to be aware that we are on display and ought to set an example: speech, life, love, faith and purity. In my speech, do I tell the truth, speak honestly, building up rather than tearing down? Am I known as someone who practices what I preach through my life? Do I choose to love rather than fighting, quarrelling and wanting my own way? Am I living a life of faith, trusting and following Jesus, not being thrown by the winds and circumstances of life, but instead standing firm in Christ? And am I living in purity, a life that honours and pleases God, rather than gratifying my own desires?

It's not about striving to 'be good' or being obsessed with ourselves ("Look how good I am!"), but about taking control of ourselves ("I want my life to reflect what I believe and value!"). God is deeply interested in our lives. He is transforming us day-by-day to be more like Jesus, reflecting Him to those around us.

The key is staying close to Jesus and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit (see Galatians 5). As we do this, our lives reflect Christ and we become more and more like Him. We don't do it in our own steam – that's religion! Rather, we let God work in us. By his grace at work in your life, what sort of person are you becoming?

Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12

Food for thought:

  • How have you changed since becoming a Christian? And recently?
  • Do you think of your life as being on display?
  • How would others describe you?

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6th May 2012

Household & buttress of the living God!

What is the church? In his letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul describes it as a household, the church of the living God, and a pillar and foundation of the truth.

The church is not just a club we join or somewhere to go on Sunday mornings; it is God's household and He has chosen us to become part of His family. We are now united in Christ, brothers and sisters, each with a vital role to play as together we reflect the love of Jesus.

God's household has love on display – it's where the lonely find a family, the forgotten belong, the broken receive healing and restoration, the outcast is accepted and included – it's where ordinary people like you and me receive His mercy and are welcomed home!

Secondly, Paul writes that it is the church of the living God: individually and collectively, we are the temple of God, those in whom He lives by His Spirit. When we gather together, we should expect to encounter and experience the loving presence of the living God, who transforms us, heals us and fills us with peace and joy.

Finally, the church is described in this passage as a pillar and foundation of the truth or, in the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible, as a "buttress" of the truth. 'Buttress' can be defined as 'the protecting rock', surrounding and reinforcing God's truth. That's the church!

We are God's household, where His presence dwells and the truth of the gospel is declared, defended and demonstrated. Jesus has won the victory, and we – the church – reflect His glory to our town and the surrounding areas.

Verses: 1 Timothy 3:14-16

Food for thought:

  • How do you respond to these three descriptions of the church?
  • How can you play your vital part in God's household?
  • What does the fact that you carry God's presence with you mean to you during the week?

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