5th June 2016

Family God Talk - 05.06.16

Our children's groups had a great time this morning learning about Jesus and having fun. Take a look below to find out what we did and for some ideas of what you could do as a family this week.

We also shared some news this morning about a Family Praise Party which New Ground, the family of churches of which we are part, are hosting in a few week's time. It will be a great event with inflatables, mini-golf, worship, stories, ice cream and more! To find out more take a look on the New Ground website here.

This week in Totz (0-4s)
Totz continued looking at the armour of God this week. They talked about the helemet of salvation. A soldier's helmet protects their head. Our helmet is the salvation which Jesus offers us if we ask him to save us. It's a salvation that ensures we will get to spend forever with him.

This week in NRG and N:Gage (4-11s)
NRG and N:Gage were together for the last sesssion in their Old Testament: The Roadmap to Jesus series this week. They had a prayground in which they spent time at six different prayer stations, recapping some of the stories we've looked at over the past few weeks and doing some interactive prayer activities linked to them.

Why not see how many of the prayer stations your child can remember? You could use this week to think about how you are going to pray together as a family. Maybe you could come up with some creative prayer activities to help you or start a prayer journal so you can remember what you've prayed for and so you can see when God has answered your prayers.

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