17th January 2016

Redeemed by the Son, sealed by the Spirit

Jesus Christ has made me a saint. It’s not about how much I achieve or how good looking I am or what I do or what mood I’m in – I am a saint because Jesus has made me one! The apostle Paul makes this outrageous claim that is true for every Christian: God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing!

If you are in Christ, you have received every single spiritual blessing in the heavenly places because of who you are and what Jesus has done for us. We need to grasp this and let it cause us to worship God and give Him our best.

Last week we looked at what the Father has done for us – He chose us (we just responded to His irresistible grace) to be holy and blameless in His sight and predestined us to be adopted by Him.

This week we are looking at what the Son and the Spirit have done.

In Christ, we have been redeemed. We have been purchased out of slavery to sin and rescued from its grasp. We couldn’t do it ourselves – we did not have the ransom price. We needed a redeemer. That’s what Jesus came to do, by His precious blood.

You cannot wipe away the guilt of your sin by trying to do good works. You cannot pay off the debt. Imagine if everything you’ve ever said, done or thought wrong was written down in a list. Whether you think you’re a good person or an atrocious person, there would be page after page after page of our offences to God.

But Jesus carried it all on the cross! He paid the price for the whole lot! God didn’t just look away – even our own sense of justice would think that was wrong – but He paid the ransom to redeem us.

We have this redemption and the forgiveness of our sins not because of anything to do with us, but “according to the riches of His grace”. He doesn’t treat us with little bits, but with all the riches of His grace that He has lavished upon us.

Jesus didn’t just point the way – He made the way that we might become children of God.

Just as the Father and Son are active in our salvation, so is the Holy Spirit. He is the One who seals us – He marks us with the seal of authority and authenticity, confirming that a genuine work of God is taking place within us. A seal is visible – it’s on the outside. The Spirit is meant to be visible in our lives. He brings power and security and a mark of ownership to us. We are to live with Him.

The Holy Spirit is also a deposit – a down payment – of our inheritance that is to come. And this is all to the praise of God’s glorious grace. All that the Father, Son and Spirit have done should cause praise to overflow from within us.

Paul Mann

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