10th January 2016

Every spiritual blessing

The apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians to the saints at Ephesus. That wasn’t an elite group of Christians – just those who appear on stained glass windows. It’s for every believer. When you became a Christian, you became a ‘holy one’, one who is ‘set apart’ for God, belonging to Him. This letter was written to all of God’s saints – if you have given your life to Jesus, this includes you.

This means that everything that we read in Ephesians 1 applies to you! From verses 3-14, the apostle Paul pours out praise to God. What we understand with our minds, we need to soak into our souls and pour back out of our mouths in praise to our glorious God!

The truth is that we have every spiritual blessing! We don’t have to wait for them or grow into them or work hard for them. They are ours! We are seated in heavenly places (see Eph. 2:6) with Christ. That is the truth. Even when we face problems, our perspective changes when we know we have unrestricted access to the throne of heaven.

Whether or not we feel like this is true, it’s so important that we believe what the Bible says. Your feelings aren’t the decider on whether something is true or not; what God says is what decides whether or not something is true. Our feelings are unreliable. God’s Word is utterly trustworthy.

What do these spiritual blessings look like?

Firstly, the Father chose to save you. We receive these vast blessings because of what the Father has done. He chose you to enjoy them! It’s all of God. It was His idea. He didn’t wait to see how you would turn out. Before you’d done anything, He chose you. It shows it’s all of grace and it’s none of you!

You may wonder at times why He chose you – it’s because He loves you. Your belief in Him started with Him: the Bible is clear that you couldn’t have chosen God because you were blinded. The Bible is clear that salvation does not start with us; it starts with Him. And because of that we know we are secure in His loving hands.

We’ve been chosen with purpose – we’ve been chosen to be holy and blameless in His sight, to be different to the world around you, to be externally and internally pure. You were chosen in eternity past that you might become like Jesus and have a relationship with Him.

God the Father has given you a destiny: the purpose of being chosen is that you become His child, adopted by Him, securing you the right to the name and property of your Father. It is the highest expression of God’s love.

You have been saved for His pleasure. He delights in you. He is thrilled that you are part of His family, to the praise of His glorious grace. Our salvation starts with the Father choosing, predestining us, in love, saying to us: “You are mine. You are eternally secure.”

He takes great pleasure in you. He has chosen to bring you as close as it’s possible to be. A Christian has no higher calling than to know this and to live in the good of it.

Paul Mann

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