5th October 2014

Redeemed for adoption

I am hungry for more of God. I love this church and I love all that we experience of God, but I believe there is more. I don't think I've yet experienced all that is available for me in Christ.

I went to a conference last week because I'm hungry for God. I want more of Him. On the first evening, the speaker talked about acceptance and rejection.

We read in Galatians 4:4-7 that we were born as slaves, under the Law. It's not how it was meant to be, but it is how it is. The only way we could relate to God is through the Law, which tells us that if we can perform to a certain standard, God will accept us. But the problem is that if we break one part of the Law, we're guilty of breaking it all and cannot come to God. Under the Law, all we can do is relate to God through performance.

But when we came to Christ, our sins were forgiven. Not only that, but we were also adopted into a family. The Law highlights our rejection. Adoption highlights our acceptance. The way we relate to God has completely changed: we now relate to God as children to our Father. Now it doesn't matter how I perform. Now I am in His family, accepted, a beloved son. My whole position is different. This adoption is forever. It's not temporary; it's not conditional; it will never change; it is secure eternally.

With adoption comes power, responsibility and belonging. This is foundational. I cannot be rejected, because I've been adopted by my Father in heaven. It's a done deal, by the grace of God. And now I have the Spirit who cries "Abba! Father!"

To listen to Paul's story of how God spoke to him about rejection and acceptance, and how this applies to all of us, click here.

Paul Mann

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