1st January 2014

Q&A with Paul: hopes and plans for 2014

As the clock struck midnight last night, were you thinking of any plans or hopes for this year? Did you make any resolutions? Or break any already?!
In this quick Q&A with church leader Paul Mann, we get his take on the new year...

Q1. How do you approach a new year?

It's a good opportunity to think about the last 12 months and think about how the important things are going – walk with God, marriage and family. I guess it's the same with church: this is a great opportunity to review and adjust if needed.

Q2. Do you make any new year's resolutions? Do you keep them?

No and no!

Q3. What will your personal times with God look like at the start of 2014?

It's pretty much the same all year – I get up, start in worship, singing some songs to a CD (not always a nice sound!). Then I pray, enjoy God's presence and read the Bible. For me, 2013 was a less structured year when it came to reading the Bible – for example, I spent six weeks in 1 Corinthians (it's good to read the Bible slowly). But in 2014 I want to read the Bible in a year and so will be following a reading plan (probably the ESV Bible plan).

Q4. What has been the highlight of 2013 for you?

Seeing God's faithfulness over the course of the year. It's been a busy and demanding season, but I am so grateful to God for the church – for the amazing support and love, as well as for the building work finishing, Coffee Box opening, our new evening meeting, the Season of Giving, and people growing in God, responding to the gospel, being healed... there's loads to be thankful for!

Q5. Are there specific things you are hoping for in 2014?

I want to wholeheartedly follow Christ, deepen in my relationship with Him, and serve the church more effectively. I need to plan better and prioritise better. With a busy life, what's really important can be taken for granted, so I am planning to make sure I have some good times with Chloe, and with the boys growing up I want to enjoy them and time with them.

As for the church, I am very excited about all we are pushing into at present: multiple Sunday meetings; using the building; CG growth – reaching into our communities both in Hastings and the surrounding towns and villages; strengthening church leadership; disciples growing in the Word, prayer and worship; more baptisms, responses to the gospel, healing, etc. More of this!

Q6. What are you most looking forward to personally in 2014?

We're planning a holiday to France in the summer, which will be great fun. And Gillingham FC getting promoted!
Paul preaching

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