4th October 2012

An 'egocentric' sovereign God?

People view a relationship with God in various ways. For some, it's a source of life and freedom; for others, simply a tradition or even folklore. For one of my friends, it conjured up fears of an egocentric god who loved to control and restrict all areas of our lives!

I wonder how Jonah felt? Was his God a loving relational God who directed his path, or was he subject to a god's controlling, egocentric tendencies like my non-Christian friend described just the other day?

Through the book of Jonah, we can clearly see that God is sovereign – there's no disputing that! I guess the bigger question is whether God's sovereignty is something to be feared or worshipped. Here are three reasons why we can find peace in God's sovereignty:

1. His omnipotence (God is all powerful)

There is no situation that we find ourselves in that is beyond God's control or ability. When we read that God is both willing and able to act for us, we can be his ambassadors with all of His power at our disposal.

2. His omnipresence (God is everywhere we go)

I remember my first day at school. Left by my parents at a place unfamiliar to me, I felt alone and far from anyone, despite having people all around me. Jonah tried to escape God's presence and found that even in the belly of a fish beneath the surface of the sea, God was there. He's always there.

3. His omniscience (God is all knowing)

There's no hiding of secrets from the all-knowing God. Our confidence and worship stems from God's invitation for relationship, despite his knowledge of who and what we are. As the song goes: "You knows the depths of my heart and You love me the same: You are amazing God!"

Reading: Psalm 111
Question: How does reflecting on God's omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience stir you to worship?
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Aled Cousins

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