24th December 2015

Oh come let us adore Him

We really enjoyed celebrating Christmas over our three events, welcoming over 700 people on each of our two Christmas Sundays.

Over on Facebook you can see some of the photos from the events, and below you can watch the 'spoken word'.

Oh come let us adore Him [spoken word] from Hastings Community Trust on Vimeo.

Natalie Williams

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21st December 2014

NRG & N:Gage Christmas Special

This Sunday our 4-11 year olds enjoyed the NRG & N:Gage Christmas Special at which we welcomed special guest Bob Herald from Have You Heard News. Bob enlisted the children’s help to investigate rumours he’d heard about a big event happening this week. The news reports from Bob were interspersed with episodes of Chris and Christina’s Christmas Craziness, a gameshow that got all the children involved in games such as ‘make your group leader into a sheep’.

In his reports, Bob met some excitable shepherds who had had an encounter with an angel. This angel had told the shepherds that a saviour was coming, one called Christ the Lord. Bob then met some crazy running men who refused to stop running because they were following a very important star which was leading them to a new king. These wise running men dropped some clues but, despite the children’s efforts to help him, Bob was still unable to understand what it was all pointing towards. In the final report, a group of angels appeared and led Bob to a stable where he found a young couple and a baby, along with the shepherds and wise running men. To Bob’s amazement, all these clues had been pointing towards a baby. This baby was the Saviour, Christ the Lord, the new King!

Andrew Bunt

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11th December 2013

Paul's video blog: Bulgaria & the Greatest Gift

Paul's latest video blog is about his recent trip to churches in Bulgaria on behalf of New Ground, with Steve Young, and our upcoming Christmas event, The Greatest Gift. Hope to see you here on Sunday!

Natalie Williams

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1st December 2013

More ideas for the Creative Christmas Challenge!

Last Sunday we announced details of our Creative Christmas Challenge! In the run up to our biggest event of the year, our annual carol service, we gave everyone who was here last Sunday 7 flyers about the event, The Greatest Gift, to distribute to friends, family, even strangers, in creative ways!

We've already heard some great (and some not so great!) ideas (see the post below), and this week I've heard a few more, including:

* Inviting neighbours for a festive nibbles and drinks afternoon and inviting them along then;
* Ordering 7 takeaways this week and handing the flyers to the delivery people;
* Giving them to neighbours with some chocolate;
* Handing them to people you pass on the walk to work;
* Passing them out to your barber/hairdresser, newsagent, plumber, electrician, etc.

There will be a prize for the most creative idea so let us know how you're giving out your flyers by sending an email to:

And if you haven't seen the trailer for The Greatest Gift yet, watch it here.

* Disclaimer: Not all of these ideas are recommended by the church leadership team!

Natalie Williams

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